About Ginny

Ginny Wood is an entrepreneurial COO, EOS Integrator, and corporate-trained, seasoned executive, experienced in building and growing businesses ranging from start-ups to $2B in annual revenue. She is the owner of Fuel_COO, a company delivering fractional COO/Integrator services for companies generating $1-$300M in revenue.
As a spirited entrepreneur and founder, Ginny is comfortable in rough waters, creates a structure that calms them down, and is passionate about supporting business owners to grow their companies. She’s passionate about creating an operational model that is successful, by getting the right people in the right seats, and empowering those individuals to take ownership of their roles and fulfill the company’s vision. She is confident in her leadership, management and collaboration skills, and her ability to systematically attack a company’s toughest operational challenges, while also tracking growth, and being held accountable for the P&L.
Ginny has experience with company growth and scaling up. She grew a SaaS start-up from nothing to a $1.8MM run-rate in 8 months, and grew a healthcare data subscription business where she served as President driving $14MM in sales and an expanded 45% net margin.
You can see some of her other success stories here. For fun, Ginny took a career break to attend a premier full-stack software development school in San Francisco, where she graduated in the 25% of her class.
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Core Values

What motivates Ginny is creating a growth engine for amazing visionaries who align with her in values and beliefs, which are:

Dogged Accountability

Developing an ownership mindset across all human resources at a company is part of Ginny’s role as a Fractional COO. She believes that ALL individuals in an organization should show up ready to win, and take responsibility for their actions and contributions, as well as for the outcomes of their decisions. A core principle that Ginny uses at the center for how she manages a team is for everyone to see that having total buy-in for the result, understanding their contribution to the goal, and 100% accountability for their role will increase results.

Radical Candor

Ginny holds a strong conviction that people in the workplace should be allowed to show up authentically, and work with radical candor. As the leader of your company, Ginny is willing to “enter the danger zone” and participate in conversations that can truly transform your culture. Using kind, direct language, Ginny seeks to empower your people within the culture to tackle challenges head on, eliminating friction so your team can work together on accomplishing a shared vision.

Spirit of Generosity

Cultivating a spirit of generosity in your culture creates stronger internal relationships, and impacts your bottom line in a positive way. A generous culture is one that leaves people feeling fulfilled and wanting to contribute at the highest level. Ginny is passionate about creating a world- class culture that puts kindness at the front and center.

If you believe your values and beliefs are compatible with Ginny’s, learn more about how she can help you accomplish your growth plans here.