Let’s build your company into a growth engine.

Bring your vision to life by hiring a Fractional Integrator who can stitch in EOS effectively.

Stalled business growth is a big problem.

You need a jumpstart.
When you started your company, your mission and purpose were clear and your growth potential was unlimited. Then progress stalls, and you’re struggling to execute the vision you have for the future. Quarter after quarter, it’s the same unsatisfactory results presented by your leadership team, who can’t execute your vision. As the CEO, taking on bigger opportunities seems impossible with inadequate systems. Before long there’s so many fires, inadequate time to deal with them, and nothing works. The reality is you are no longer running the business, it’s running you.

Simplify your work, hit your goals and balance your life.

If you’re struggling to successfully take your company to the next growth phase, a fractional integrator COO can work with you to make it happen.

A successful Fractional Integrator:

Your Fractional COO is responsible for executing YOUR vision, and operates to eliminate the barriers that block your company’s growth.

We bring your vision to life.

At Fuel COO, we are the builders and sprinters who ensure your organization succeeds. We’ll get you on track, and enable you to stay on track for sustainable growth.

The process in 3 simple steps:


Book a call with us and we’ll help you evaluate what your needs are and offer solutions that can steer your business forward.


Your leadership team and our Fractional COO will meet and determine we are the right fit for each other. If we’re a match, Fuel COO will develop a customized engagement strategy.


We work with you through the engagement strategy to get your company on a strong trajectory for growth, and the right team in place to maintain ongoing success.

Meet Ginny Wood, owner of Fuel COO.

Your Growth Champion.

With a proven success record in finance, technology and business development across multiple industries, Ginny Wood will be an experienced  leader executing in your business for a fraction of the cost or risk. She’s an entrepreneurial COO, EOS Integrator, and general manager experienced in building and growing businesses ranging from start-ups to $2B in annual revenue. As the owner of Fuel COO, Ginny delivers fractional COO/Integrator services for companies generating $5-300MM in revenue.

How does Fuel COO work?

We work with your company for 6 to 8 financial quarters to put strategy, people and operations in place, then help you plan the transition and handover of the role to an internal or new team member. We develop a customized plan, personalized to your businesses challenges and growth opportunities and that is designed to be short term, so you can run with new momentum.

Full Tilt

If you are someone who feels like…

“Growth is stalled and I’m ready to get the company, the Integrator role and EOS running in the business ASAP. I want someone who can lead my team operationally and has experience running a P&L. I am willing to invest in the role for a day, a week for 12-24 months and then transition to a full-time COO/Integrator.”

  • Full P&L responsibility
  • Get EOS basics in place
  • Work on company rocks
  • 1:1 touchpoints with leaders 
  • Same Page meeting with CEO/Visionary 
  • One full day a week or heavy lifting with you and eyes on the dials the remainder of the week.
What you can expect after getting this service:

You and your leadership will be accountable for the goals, and movement towards the goals, with EOS becoming the natural way of doing business, and getting business done. The role of Integrator/COO will be working well.

Small Company

If you are someone who feels like…

“I have a limited budget and need to start making real progress with our 1 year goals and EOS basics.”

  • Run L10s
  • Get EOS basics in place
  • Includes a half day a week centered around the leadership L10 timing
  • Abbreviated same page meeting each month with Visionary/CEO
What you can expect after engaging this service:
Expert integrator skills to delegate to team members and
discipline around operations to achieve the company


If you are someone who feels like…
“I want the leadership L10s to work for maximum traction and get their full benefit.”
  • Run, model, coach and train leadership team on running a great L10 — ‘in flight’ during each leadership L10
  • We will increase the value and results coming out of the L10.
  • We will be an active participant on the L10 each week and offer pre and post game follow up.
What you can expect after getting this service:
Increased accountability for all results. Each leadership team member will be able to run the leadership L10 and a department level L10. All members will be able to contribute at a high level.

Realignment Sprint

If you are someone who feels like…

“I don’t have the leadership team needed to support my one year goal.”

  • Review VTO or strategy/goal wireframe
  • Recast the Accountability Chart
  • Develop clear roles and responsibilities for leadership functions (to accomplish one year goals), and as a leadership team Evaluate leadership team
  • Evaluate leadership team members relative to goals for right people in seats
  • Where there are leadership role gaps, identify the ideal candidate to fit the newly defined role and create a change management approach with the Visionary/CEO
  • Create role clarity and measurables for leaders and coach them to implement measurables for their teams
  • 4 hours per week for two quarters.
What you can expect after getting this service:
You will have the best people in the right seats, and be confident filling additional seats as they arise. Existing leaders will be definitive in their responsibilities and measurables, and be able to cascade work into their teams effectively. The high performers on your leadership team will be infused with a new energy for, and focus on your vision.

Shot In The Arm

If you are someone who feels like…

“We have a temporary gap in the Integrator seat. We have started or I’m about to start the hiring process for an Integrator. I need someone to create forward progress in the Integrator seat while I’m hiring.”

  • Invest for one quarter of having the right person in the Integrator/COO role (interim) and holding the leadership team together while moving results forward for one full day a week.
What you can expect after getting this service:

Accountability will be created so the full-time Integrator can hit the ground running, your leadership team will be supported, your rocks will be checked off, and EOS used throughout the business.

Need a short-term engagement?

If you’re in need of an integrator for a limited scope of work, here are additional services that may suit you better.

Integrator Evaluation

If you are someone who feels like…
“It’s not working with my current Integrator.”
  • Spend 2 hrs per week for 4 weeks with the current Integrator + 30 mins per week with Visionary for a debrief/opportunities.
  • Deliverable in the form of a write up on whether current integrator is the right person for the role.
What you can expect after utilizing this service:

You will have clarity on whether your current integrator is the right person for the role, or not.

Interview My Integrator Candidates

If you are someone who feels like…

“I’ve missed on the Integrator role before and can’t afford to miss again. I’ve hired a search firm, or we’re doing the search ourselves and I would like a trusted set of eyes to weigh in on candidates.”

  • Interview so we may select the right Integrator for your business. Ginny can interview as many as you like.
  • You will have a partner to help you evaluate candidates and make recommendations for hire/no hire.
What you can expect after utilizing this service:

De-risk your Integrator hire and support you in picking a great one.

Integrator Coaching

If you are someone who feels like…

“I’d like to shore up the skills of my Integrator or my Integrator has asked for coaching.”

  • One hour per week coaching your Integrator while doing IDS (identify, discuss and solve) on the business issues of the day
What you can expect after utilizing this service:

Your integrator will gain confidence and skill in the role, and will have tools on hand created by Fuel, to move forward without reinventing the wheel.

What Our Clients Say

Since we started working with Fuel/Ginny, she has been instrumental in helping me clarify the vision, getting buy-in and alignment as a team, and finally start working together and rowing in the same direction. Ginny has helped us transition people out who were not a core value fit and identify and recruit top talent to our leadership team. If you are looking for organizational growth, progress, and getting EOS systems installed in your business, I would highly recommend working with Fuel. It would have been impossible for us to make the progress we have made in this time frame without Ginny's help and expertise.

Jill Butler

I had the pleasure of working with Ginny Wood during a very important transitional period in our company. We were at the early stages of EOS and struggling to get traction in the company. Ginny and I immediately connected and I felt a sense of calmness during our conversations that I hadn't experienced for years. Her impact was immediate and it didn't take long for me to realize we had people in the wrong seats in our organization. Ginny was instrumental in making several changes to our leadership team, implemented EOS, and was integral in her role when we purchased the majority ownership in our company from a partner. Ginny’s diverse business experience made her indispensable to me as a leader and coach.

John Edgar

I have been running my company for 33 years on brute force and passion and commitment but with no real structure that was duplicatable. I was a visionary yet I couldn’t get my vision moving at the pace it needed to. I also knew I didn’t want the next 10 years to be the same as it has been. I needed structure, I wanted to scale the business and I wanted it to be an operator instead of the lead doer of all things. I discovered EOS and Fractional Integrator in this process. Ginny understood my goals and my challenges and she was a no B.S. kind of person who told it to you straight and understood the business from many perspectives. After hiring her we quickly implemented the EOS structure and the first step was analyzing our people. We quickly discovered we had both the right people in the wrong seats, wrong people altogether, and some great people in the right seats. One thing I appreciated about Ginny, is she could see the end of where her help was no longer necessary as we had our company rocks set, the wrong people removed, the right people brought in and she professionally stepped aside and let me ride the bike without her. She is smart, hard-working, and intuitive. If you have the opportunity to meet her or work with her, pick her brain and listen carefully, she knows what she is doing.

Ed Kaminsky

Are you a fit?

If you’d like to discuss our services and learn more about our approach, please fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to schedule a consultation.

Your Frequently Asked Questions.

We start with an initial call to understand the CEO/Visionary’s needs and talk about potential fit. It’s really important to align on values and whether the company is ready for a Fractional Integrator. A 30-minute call is usually enough to discuss and determine fit. We either recommend moving forward or suggest alternative resources to fit your needs. While we always want to create opportunities to work together, sometimes a different option will serve you better. We’ll give you honest feedback if we believe that prioritizing another leadership role would be beneficial, and if we feel you would be best with a different COO/Integrator service.

If we believe the fit is right, we meet with the leadership team to build the relationship and understand the needs from their perspective. This serves as an opportunity for the leadership team to buy into the process, understand the COO/Integrator role, and discuss any concerns. This is an integral step of the process that is often overlooked, but serves as an important part of creating a successful relationship for effective change. Fuel COO provides this service as an upfront investment in the engagement and completes the interview process within a week. As a deliverable, we summarize the interview content and share the insights with the Visionary/CEO during a zoom meeting.
Companies have different budgets and needs and we have a menu of options based on the need in the market.
No. We believe that the engagement has to work 100% for both the client and Fuel COO. Either party can end the engagement at any time with 2 weeks notice.
As part of our pre-engagement process, we align on what success looks like. The statement of work provided will outline a roadmap and timing for accomplishing the objectives.
We are located in Southern California with clients all over the U.S. and Canada. The relationship is primarily remote doing most of the work over Zoom (or equivalent) with the camera on. We travel to the location quarterly for team building and the quarterly planning meeting.
The hiring process Fuel uses is rigorous and involves 100% of the leadership team.
If it’s agreed that you need longer engagement, we revisit the scope, and make it happen.
As part of our initial, pre-engagement conversation, we will discuss whether there are any untouchable people in the company. It can be the case for a CEO/Visionary values having a person in a key leadership role, even if the fit is not right for accomplishing the company’s goals. Our experience is that it’s nearly impossible to align the leadership team around accomplishing the company goals (set out by the Visionary/CEO with the leadership team) while having a member that’s not the right person for the leadership seat.
For a company to be healthy, and for the team to perform at their optimal level, we will have (or create) qualitative factors including core value fit and experience. We need to determine whether each person gets the objective, wants the role and accountability, and has the capacity to do the role effectively. The objective measures also take into account rocks or OKR check off, measurables, and ‘to do’ completion rates. Bringing in a Fractional Integrator without the capacity to operate best practice, severely limits your ROI.