Fuel COO:
customized operational solutions for strategic growth.

As a Fractional COO and Integrator, we are your operational partner, leader, and leadership team coach, using EOS® as the foundation for creating success.
We work together to ensure your culture, people and strategic relationships align to improve your structure, process, and systems and bring your long-term business goals into reality.

Operationalizing your vision and strategy is possible, with EOS® and a strong Fractional Integrator to bring the system to life.

As a business owner, you are the visionary.

You operate most effectively when you are thinking long-term, generating ideas, and cultivating strategic relationships.

CEOs and business leaders should be operating within their unique ability, which is typically not the strengths associated with the COO/Integrator seat. And, you can benefit from the power of this role without hiring another full-time executive.

Our team is passionate about integrating and executing your operations, including kind and respectful change management strategies, to bring your company together for sustainable growth and success as you see it.

Proven success in building
and growing businesses.

A focus on bottom-line thinking, and ensuring consistency across operations and culture for strategy and growth.

At some point in business, the person pushing for progress, scale, and growth can no longer be the Visionary/CEO alone.

That’s where we come in.

As Fractional COOs or integrators, we ensure the right people, and the best operational and financial processes are in place to align the business strategy to the vision.

Our Fractional COO team:

  • Are great operational managers with exceptional skills that complement great CEOs.
  • Ease the challenges of the rough waters business owners face to grow their companies.
  • Handle the tough conversations to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.
  • Attack the company’s operational and financial challenges to create manageable and sustainable business models that align with the strategy for the business.
  • Integrate EOS® so it becomes the way we do business.

Our strength lies in our ability to join the team as a neutral party, while balancing all interactions with kindness, have the hard conversations with leadership teams to identify alignment and disconnect, and implement the shifts required to focus on the goal of the vision, and the visionary.

Let’s keep it simple, customized and effective!


Contact us to set up a consultation, so we can take a look at your business, and offer operational and cultural solutions to move you to the next phase.


It’s all about fit. If our solutions align with your vision, the conversations start, and we’ll develop your customized solutions, and get to work.


With the right team in place, strategy aligned, and operations and systems in place, we’ll be working together successfully on the growth of your business.

Successfully working with inspirational visionaries.

Since we started working with Fuel/Ginny, she has been instrumental in helping me clarify the vision, getting buy-in and alignment as a team, and finally start working together and rowing in the same direction. Ginny has helped us transition people out who were not a core value fit and identify and recruit top talent to our leadership team.
If you are looking for organizational growth, progress, and getting EOS systems installed in your business, I would highly recommend working with Fuel. It would have been impossible for us to make the progress we have made in this time frame without Ginny's help and expertise.

Jill Butler

I had the pleasure of working with Ginny Wood during a very important transitional period in our company. We were at the early stages of EOS and struggling to get traction in the company. Ginny was instrumental in making several changes to our leadership team, implemented EOS, and was integral in her role when we purchased the majority ownership in our company from a partner. Ginny’s diverse business experience made her indispensable to me as a leader and coach.

John Edgar

How we’re successful together.

Flexible Contract Options

Flexible options means you get only what you need, and none of what you don’t. Get your integrator problems solved for a month, or partner with us longer-term for full-tilt business operations and leadership alignment.

Fit Alignment

One size does not fit all, and all Fractional COOs aren’t made the same. This is why we like to explore your identity and let you get to know ours; then you decide if we have what you need to bring your vision to life.

Empathy + Action

Many business owners admit they are a little too close to call the difficult shots, and it’s also why Fractional COOs work so well. The Fuel COO operates with empathy and kindness, and is also anchored in facts, pragmatism, and objectivity.

The right people in the right seats for growth.

I have been running my company for 33 years on brute force and passion and commitment but with no real structure that was duplicatable. I was a visionary yet I couldn’t get my vision moving at the pace it needed to.

Ginny understood my goals and my challenges and she was a no B.S. kind of person who told it to you straight and understood the business from many perspectives. After hiring her we quickly implemented the EOS structure and the first step was analyzing our people. We quickly discovered we had both the right people in the wrong seats, wrong people altogether, and some great people in the right seats.

One thing I appreciated about Ginny, is she could see the end of where her help was no longer necessary as we had our company rocks set, the wrong people removed, the right people brought in and she professionally stepped aside and let me ride the bike without her. She is smart, hard-working, and intuitive, if you have the opportunity to meet her or work with her, pick her brain and listen carefully, she knows what she is doing.

Ed Kaminsky

Let’s talk about fit, and moving toward your vision.